Fatia-Frusinate IGP-(Trebbiano-Malvasia Puntinata) 2016

Fatia fanciful.jpg
Fatia fanciful.jpg

Fatia-Frusinate IGP-(Trebbiano-Malvasia Puntinata) 2016


“Here starts the South” once Marco Marrocco the owner of Palazzo Tronconi said. Arce is an ancient town South of Rome Italy. Here Marco grows bio-dynamically forgotten hard to find varieties in natural way. This is Trebbiano and Malvasia Puntinata from Tramonti vineyard at 500ft elevation. The grapes are harvested and fermentation is natural without any addition of yeast enzymes or anything else. Wine rests in concrete tanks for a year and is bottled unfiltered.

The wine has a golden yellow with greenish highlights. White flowers and lemon zest on the nose.

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Alcohol by Vol. 14%

Total sulfites (SO2) 40 ppm

PH 3.60

Residual sugar: 0

Carbs: 0

5oz glass calories 144.55 2.89pts