Fregellae-Frusinate IGP-(Maturano Pampanaro Capolongo)

Fregellae fanciful.jpg
Fregellae fanciful.jpg

Fregellae-Frusinate IGP-(Maturano Pampanaro Capolongo)


Fregellae used to be the most important Roman military compound in South of Lazio.

The wine that honor this place is made of three uncommon white local varieties Maturano bianco, Pampanaro and Capolongo . Picked in September there is a red wine vinification (i.e. made as a red wine) of this wine. Under pure BD rules the grapes once harvested are fermented in concrete tanks naturally where alcoholic fermentation and malolactic take place. Then the wine is moved in acacia wood casks for another 8 months. Intense this wine has a nose citirc and zesty with notes of apricot jam and plum. Sapid and mineral in the mouth salty with citrusy notes and spices like thyme. A structure that is very drinkable yet bigger than you think. Do not chill too much .

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Alcohol by vol. 12.5%

Suggested serving temp. 62F

Total sulfites SO2 60

PH 3.7

Res. sugar 0

Carbs. 0

5oz glass calories 129.05 2.58pts