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Selezioni means in Italian, my mother tongue, selections, my selections.  I started Selezioni because I wanted to put out what my lifetime experience as farmer first in Italy, then as a wine selector in the US has been. 

My focus has been, since the 90s, on clean agriculture and wines made by clean agriculture.  I strongly believe that is not possible to achieve beautiful wines if you do not have that first.  Others might disagree, but this is my core belief and my selections reflect that.

All wineries I have selected are estate wineries.  They do not buy grapes or bulk juice ever … sometimes in fact they do the reverse, they sell them.  In other words these are real producers not traders.

All of them are family owned and run, not corporate, no big groups, no big money, not rich peoples hobbies. There is a direct involvement of the owners to their land.  Their hands get dirty. They put their heart and soul into their work. 

All of them do not force their land but respect it.  Techniques maybe different, but they all converge to a certain extent.   Wineries selected here range from biodynamic and organic certified to permaculture ones, which in many ways are even more complete.   Some are using practices that you will find rather unusual.  

All, as you will see and taste,  result in good soil and healthy plants.  There are sustainable wineries too, which is not conventional particularly when we are talking about wineries from Europe.   They all enrolled in the EISA program,  which in many ways is as strict as organic certifications (if we measure copper alone one of our EISA producers uses the least amount).

Same standards applies in the cellar.  I focus on non interventionists.   It means that these wineries will take the material they preciously tended in the vineyards and continue their evolution into the making of wine.   They do not bend it by technology, chemistry or the latest trend in the wine world, just to please you.  And it is not just a matter of what kind of yeast has been used or how much SO2.  The list of additives and “ingredients” is very long... for example enzymes and lysozymes are extremely intrusive in the making of wine.    I keep a watchful eye on what wineries use.

These wines are an expression of culture; they express the hard work of people who are totally one with their land.  These are wines I believe deserve the word “Wines”, not just pass the legal test to be called wines.

Of course as some of these wines are very limited in production, best to check first for availability.

Any questions, please email us at

Grazie mille.

Paolo Bernardi

Selezioni Inc - Meister

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